Dreamer's Disease
Dreamer's Disease
Sup , im Dereck / I'm 20 / Idiot from Miami Florida / Instagram and Twitter = getwhatyougiv3 / And welcome to my shit \m/ Stay Metal Everyone
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I fucking love pop punk. It’s either really sad or just a “go fuck yourself” songs and it literally describes me. Punk is great. And it makes me want to stay in bed all day and just yell really.


Neck Deep / Knuckle PuckSplit 7” /250 purple & white splatter vinyl. Hopeless Records & Bad Timing Records 2014.

Worth getting for the Knuckle Puck tracks, that are really cool. But skip this 7” if you are only into Neck Deep, as their two contributions have already been released as part of the Wishful Thinking album.


Real Friends - Dead 

You really fucked me up this time for good, even though you didn’t mean to
When the weather clears, that sweatshirt weather won’t keep you warm like I do
You’ll be thinking of my sleepy eyes and bony knees
You’ll be thinking of me

Old And All Alone  ||  Real Friends

(Source: mlxtapes)

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